Letters To A Non-Lost Friend

Do you remember the movie ‘You’ve got mail‘ – although honestly, how could anyone forget – with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? I love Tom Hanks. I don’t love Meg Ryan. That’s not my point, though. Remember how happy they were to receive mail, albeit email? (Man, that movie is old school, teehee).

Well, we’re all like that. Or… wel, I am. I love to receive (actual, physical, real-life) mail. Letters, and postcards, and packages. Especially, particularly, when I don’t know what in it, and I didn’t expect anything. However, nowadays how many letters do we actually send out? Am I mistaken when I assume you probably don’t send, or receive, too many hand-written letters these days?

A letter is in there somewhere.

A letter is in there somewhere.

I thought so. So what do you do about that… gosh.

You go forth and send letters.


2 thoughts on “Letters To A Non-Lost Friend

    • I love that you’re Someone 😛
      I have to say it’s been aaaaaages since I last saw YGM, and… well, I’m not a big fan of MR, but it is a pretty great movie. They do very well together.

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