What Made This Week Fly

Every Friday from now on, I’ll post an overview of the stuff I loved that week.

Here goes nothing:

Monday brought me this amazing hotel (on Trendland), that’s sadly a little way out of my budget range at the moment, but which I’ll make sure to visit if ever I get the chance. This is the kind of thing that makes me think, maybe I should become an architect/designer after all…

Tuesday gave us The Brain.Wow.

Wednesday (is secretly a sub-category of Thursday this week…) The trend in (more) adult-oriented drawing books. Colouring books, more specifically. Such as this one, and this one (the latter I got for my birthday! :D).

Thursday was birthday party day for me, which basically entailed running around as soon as my classes finished until way too late at night. It was super fun though, with Peter Pan & Pirates theme – I made one hell of a Peter Pan, if I do say so myself – and just lots of friends and a lovely dinner first. I’ll see if I can find any good pictures of my outfits. (I changed three times: Tinkerbell –> Peter –> Pirate).

Friday let me know that Warm Bodies gets a 75% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes (as I’m writing this) and is featured in their newsletter, which is cool, cause I happened to learn of the existence of the movie (adaptation of the eponymous book) only this week (here).

Today also marks my 100th like – thanks so much everyone!

Pretty fly for a kiwi 🙂


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