This Sounds Exactly Like This


New York (Paloma Faith song)
New York (Paloma Faith song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doesn’t it? Tell me it doesn’t. I really like it though, after hearing it for the first time today. Still have the feeling it also reminds me of yet another song, but I can’t think of what. Something like the Beatles or the Beach Boys, I don’t know…** Anyway, Paloma Faith isn’t new, but I’d never listened to any of her music before, so this was a nice surprise 🙂

**Edit: HA, I knew it! I was thinking of Hallelujah, which I mostly listen in the Jeff Buckley or Leonard Cohen versions. So I looked it up (listened it up, if you will) in LC’s version, which doesn’t sound as clearly like it. ‘Okay, guess not.’ (Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking because it does sound exactly like this).

Little did I know that of course I was reminded of the Rufus Wainwright version, using the arrangement that John Cale made famous through his version on I’m Your Fan (an awesome tribute album that my mom happens to own). There, the similarity is much more obvious, so when it happened to come on in a playlist on 8tracks, finally everything fell into place. Which is awesome, because it means I was right after all.

In any case, remarkably similar, no?

It’s probably been used in countless other songs, but these are the ones that came to mind. I’d love to hear others in which you recognise the same melody though!

NB: I only now figured out that the 8 in 8tracks isn’t really an 8, but an infinity sign. AHA! It all makes sense now.


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