Accepting Candy From Strangers

colored sweets

colored sweets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t remember my parents ever telling me in so many words not to accept candy from random strangers, but I’m sure they must have said things along those lines, and I am certain the TV told me exactly that many times. Not that I really needed to be given those warnings; I was, and still am, a bit of a goody two-shoes – even if you wouldn’t assume it at first glance – and have never gotten myself in any kind of serious trouble. I think too much and I’m not outgoing and spontaneous enough for that.

So when I do find myself in a situation where I am, can be, or have been spontaneous, I like to embrace those and go with the flow. They’re like a special treat; they’re like candy. Yesterday, I literally found myself accepting candy from a practical stranger after spontaneously inviting myself and a friend to sit with someone I vaguely know at dinner. (This is in a dining hall, mind you, and it’s introweek, so it’s only going off the beaten track slightly, which works for me). I can only speak for myself, but we had a fun, random conversation – one of my two favourite types of conversation, the other being serious talks about the meaning of stuff – and ended up with the aforementioned candy (a mars bar for me) because someone had way a lot of credit left to spend before the end of the week.

That’s why I’d like to coin the term “accepting candy from strangers”, if it hasn’t been already, in which case sadface, to mean “going with the flow and spontaneously accepting the treats life throws at you (without overdoing it)”. For all of you out there, who like me, don’t always feel courageous enough to seize the day with both hands and shake from it whatever you can get, accepting candy from strangers is the way to step out of your comfort zone occasionally. I had fun doing it, and the best thing is the more you do it, the easier it becomes to recognise candy (and… brussels sprouts, or chicory – eww). Which is what they all say, but whatevs.

 I would strongly advise against doing this before the age of 18, or when you find yourself in a night club. In those cases, stay away from the people with the candy. They are probably bad for you and will make your life spiral down into the gutter. You will get klamedia and die.


3 thoughts on “Accepting Candy From Strangers

  1. “You will get klamedia and die” – hahaha, I laughed a bit too hard at that 🙂

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – one of my favourite quotes. Every time I find myself doubting a decision, I tell myself two things: that life begins at the end of my comforts, and “If not now, then when?”

    • I’m glad the reference is clear! I felt a bit afraid that people would just think, what on earth is she dragging chlamydia into this for…
      I like that thought, although I feel like sometimes there’s too much of an emphasis on getting out of your comfort zone – almost as if being comfortable is lame, while a lot of the time I really like that too. But I totally agree with the “if not now, then when?”. Few things suck as much as thinking “what if I had…”

      • I love my comfort zones too! It’s only sad when people live their whole lives in a comfort zone, and never experience anything new.. But I completely agree with you about comfortable being lame! It’s not.

        Oh yes, the great ‘what if’. That is a sucky question to have to ask yourself..

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