If Only I Could Sing (Like This)

I’ve known about Lissie since early 2010, and have loved and admired her voice greatly ever since. The first song I ran into was Everywhere I Go, in the Why You Runnin’ (2009 EP) version:

Great, no?

Finally, there’s this brilliant cover of the Hank Williams song, which I’ve fallen madly in love with (her version, that is), and can listen to over and over and over.

It’s just so, so good. Her voice perfectly captures the hurt and regret caused by it not being you there in that chapel, when you always thought it would be. My favourite part is the “while the organ plays I love you truly”, hearing that is wonderful each time again.

Cover of "Catching a Tiger"

Cover of Catching a Tiger

So, go forth and Listen To Lissie. She’s got a whole bunch of other great covers (and songs, especially those originally on-the-EP-except-Little-Lovin), which are also worth checking out.


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