Even When I Learn I Don’t Learn

You see, I had this great idea for today’s post. It hit me suddenly, while I was browsing some website or whatever, and I knew that whatever it was I read about, or saw, or… something, was great for a post. And then I didn’t write that idea down or make a draft, because I at that moment should have been working and couldn’t be bothered to open WordPress. And so, as punishment, I forgot. Of course. I always forget. I know this. And yet, I didn’t write it down. And now I suffer. And it sucks, and I just wish I could retrace my steps, but it’s too long ago so I have no clue at all. DAMMIT.


2 thoughts on “Even When I Learn I Don’t Learn

    • Haha, true. I’m quite certain it will – I remember it being something I probably would’ve posted about sooner or later anyway, I’ll likely just not remember that this was it, and therefore never experience the relief of remembering. Oh well…

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