One Of My Favourite Songs, Ever

The story of how I discovered this song is actually quite interesting – frankly, most of the time, those stories aren’t, right? I’ve only known it since about EXACTLY this time last year, which I only think of now, which is nice because now this post is special! Anyway.

My mom and I went on a short last-minute trip to Eilat (The southernmost city in Israel, from where you can see Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, which is pretty cool if you ask me), which was… well, colder than we expected. It was fun though, and we saw a bunch of awesome things, like the Dead Sea (3 hour drive there, and back again, for 15 minutes of ice cold sea, and getting changed in the open, with rain, and barely any sun – totally worth it!), and Timna Park, where we cruised (or crashed…) around in a massive jeep with other Dutchies and three crazy Israelis who later got into a massive fight with the tour guide (who was great) over the fact that the Jeep was open on the sides… Oh well!

Anyway. There was also a lot of opportunity for shopping in Eilat, which of course we could not resist, especially since a lot of things are pretty cheap (or cheaper, at least) in Israel than back here. So we were in this wonderful surfer dudesque shop, with stuff reminiscent of Billabong and Quicksilver and Roxy and the like, (but cheaper, and – sadly – poorer quality), and it was great and there was music playing, and the music was wonderful. There was this one song (guess which?) that both my mom and I turned out to love, so I gathered up all my courage – neither of us are heroes when it comes to asking people things, which is crazy and stupid and I should get over before I’m 50 and stuck with it – and went over the (cute) guy running the store to ask what CD was on. It turned out to be a playlist, but never mind – he went to have a look what song it might be (this was a couple songs later), mentioned Grant Lee Buffalo, and I knew it was them.

And I love them. Solely for the fact that they have a really great song about River Phoenix, whom I think was fantastic, and adore, and I’ll be sad when I get too old to do that without feeling weird, so until then I’ll listen to Halloween a lot. Here you have it, too, it’s wonderful.

So, it’s stupid that somehow I failed to recognise the singer’s voice, (because one of my few real talents is my ability to recognise voices really well), but let’s blame that on the fact that I never met anyone besides my dad (I think) who knows GLB, so it’s pretty surprising to me that they’d be on anyone’s playlist. Especially in a random surfer dudesque shop. In any case, I was super happy, and ever since I’ve been in love with this song.

End of story.

I’m not sure if it was as exciting as I made it out to be, but I’m still happy it happened, and still think it’s pretty cool that it was in Eilat of all places. Just sayin’. I do agree it turned out a big longer than it should have maybe, but I actually went back and edited stuff, which I don’t normally do, (should I?).


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