Toys, Toys, Toys

Toys, Toys, Toys

Toys are like gadgets for kids. Or, you know, gadgets are basically toys for adults – whichever view you prefer. (Real adults are kid enough to admit that, frankly, my dear, you never grow up, and it’s just once you realise that nothing much changes during the transition to adulthood that you really become the adult. Anyway.)

I like toys. There are so many that I wish I had, so much. There are a few that I actually have, lucky me. Then there are a whole lot of toys that are just TOO DAMN CR expensive! Geez. Cut me some slack, toy-sellers! It’s not fair! Does it look like I have the kind of money to buy myself a nice Lego castle every now and then? Or even just a board game? Man…

Anyway. Until I save up all the mon- AAHAHAHAHAHA. Until I magically become rich (and famous, and loved all around?), I can only swoon and humbly wish for better days to come. In the meantime, dreaming will have to suffice, and this site is great for that. (Not just toys, they also regularly feature AMAZING houses, which is something of a fetish (in a non-sexual, non-disgusting, non-creepy… non-fetish kind of way) of mine. Interior design (and exterior design, I suppose) is wonderful. Maybe I should become a decorator (slash-many other things).

I could decorate decorations.


What do you think?

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