Jolly Good Fun, Enjoyed By One

Laughing is great, for many reasons. First of all, it’s fun, as iure, genuine, original Fun. Secondly, it’s generally done together with people; cool people. ‘Cause, you know, they can make you laugh and all. And finally, a good long laugh burns tons of calories and can – should – therefore replace an actual, horrible, workout. Does it get any better?

Of c- NO. Basically it doesn’t, but seriously, you really want anymore than that? Wow. Fun, good company, and perfect health, and you’re still not satisfied? Geez. You might well be a lost cause… Sorry.

Anyway, while it doesn’t get much better, it could definitely be worse. You could be all by yourself, for instance. (Now isn’t that a marvellous coincidence? This offers such a wonderful bridge to what I wanted to talk about today – who would’ve known!)

Now, being all by yourself isn’t generally all that fun. I mean, it can be, obviously, but let’s assume you’ve been alone a while, and you’re feeling a little sad about it. That’s like the opposite of fun and on top of that, sadness isn’t healthy. So what do you do?

You laugh! You laugh until you cry, or your belly aches. You laugh until you are a super hero with an invincibilty cape. You laugh until you are a badass Christmas ninja mutant pirate, dammit. And you do it all by yourself. You laugh out loud, even if you normally LIS*.

Just try it, whole-heartedly and as crazy zealously as you can, and don’t stop until you are genuinely laughing, (or LISing). Trust me, it’s great. And say, you happen not to be alone, but with other equally potentially awesome people, only you’re not having any fun. That’s not fun. So you fake laugh together. UNTIL YOU CRY.

That’s all.

* (Laugh In Silence, the opposite of LOL – naturally)


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