Books. And Quotes. And Quotes On Books.

I love books.

I love quotes. Maybe even more than books.

And quotes on books… *wheet wheew* (Don’t get me started on how long it took me to figure out how to spell a wolf-whistle… so I hope you got that right away). Or books on quotes, for that matter.
One of my favourite quotes in the whole world is by Paul Theroux (of The Mosquito Coast fame, and thereby of the utmost importance to River Phoenix’s career, and River Phoenix was amazing, and on top of that, he also had a hand in creating Louis Theroux, so basically, this man is pretty darn cool):
Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.
Nothing I could say would add a thing to that, so I’ll leave it at this.
(However, I would add that ‘My life with books’, by Julian Barnes, is a lovely read for any book lover. Not quite as well-rounded an essay as I would’ve liked, but hey, can’t blame a guy who likes the smell of (old) books – yuck).

What do you think?

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