You’re Awesome To Me

The best thing about being awesome is that everyone, and anyone, can be awesome. Maybe not to everyone, and maybe not all the time, but we’re all awesome some of the time.

At the very least to our friends and family, but also to that kid in the store you got to smile at your slightly/super lame joke, to the old lady in the bus you gave your seat to, or the guy who sent his money raining to the floor and you helped gather it up again. Right then, no matter how horrible you are the rest of the day, or how sad, or desperate, you were AWESOME.

Of course, the best moments are those where you feel you are awesome. Clearly, those are rare and precious, and the should be. They are the ones that leave my friends and me (mostly me probably – I’m not particularly modest) feeling it’s a pity there’s no camera crew following us around 24/7 to record all the gems that are born from our (awesome) minds. Alas.

More on the glory of our freestyling spirits some other time, though. And I’m planning on buying a video camera, in case your were wondering… 😉


What do you think?

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