Why, Thank You!

Do you know what I love? Etiquette. Not just because it’s often fabulously quaint and/or posh, but also because it’s nice. It’s lovely. It’s wonderful. Why? Because it shows people care.

The reason we stick to etiquettes is because we care for other people’s opinions, right? So basically, adhering to rules, and showing good manner, is saying, ‘You know what? You are pretty awesome. In fact, you are awesome enough that I will do my best not to be a thoughtless jerk. How ’bout that!’

One of my “pet peeves” (i.e. the thing that annoys me the most in people, and which I might even go so far as to say I hate) is thoughtlessness, and burdening others with your lack of respect and rudeness, shown through complete disregard of their feelings and wishes. IT NEVER HURT ANYONE TO BE POLITE AND CONSIDERATE.

Or well, maybe it did. But I love it. So keep trying, keep rocking them manners, and keep not being a jerk – it’s great. Thank you for your effort.

© marisk8

(Because when is Glen Coco ever not appropriate?)


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