Band Photos

We all love music. Music is the best. It’s great!

Live music is possibly even better, (when done right, that is).

But you know what’s the best?


When you take pictures during concerts – which is notoriously difficult, at least for me – and they turn out great. Not all of them, admittedly, (I took about 190 over a little less than two hours, and ended up with about a 100), but some. The couple of gems that make you go, ‘YES. Just YES.’


This was a Blaudzun concert, by the way. Here’s Mr. Blaudzun himself:


Here he was looking directly at the camera; I imagine because he noticed it and was cool enough to sort of “pose”, but maybe my awesomeness just hit him in the face, so he couldn’t help but look our way.


Now, that’s love for music, right there. Look at the intensity! He was referred to as playing the “hand clap”. Also, he was barefoot the whole time.


That’s him a little less fuzzy, but still wonderful.

Do check out their music; my favourite song is Solar, my friend’s is Flame On My Head


What do you think?

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