Spreading The Word

We’ve all seen them around, those fun, quirky notes, telling us to take a smile, a compliment, or maybe a Pokémon*. They bring a smile to your face, and give an instant boost of cheerfulness.

If you happen to live – like we do – on a campus, and one with mailboxes for all students at that, a cool variation on this is collecting a whole lot of positive, morale-boosting, or inspirational quotes, jotting them down on some paper, and stuffing them in those mailboxes at random.

Of course, giving one of those good old-fashioned in-the-face compliments also works very well! (Really, you don’t need a Facebook page or person for that, and it even works on people that don’t even go here!)


*Don’t worry if you were too late last year to pick Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Pikachu; Professor Oak will surely visit campus again


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